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I was asked to place a Donation link on the website. If you wish to donate just press the Donate button and it will take you to PayPal

Welcome to DizzyCraft!

This site is devoted to information for the Minecraft server DizzyCraft. 

We have pages with help on all the different commands and abilities that are provided in the game.

DizzyCraft is a Bukkit server, we currently support Minecraft v1.7.9

Server Address <-- If this address has a problem try the ip address below it.

DizzyCraft Status

TeamSpeak 3 Server Address pw:8mcraft8 pw: 8mcraft8

Updated to 1.7.9

I was holding off on updating till 1.8 came out but it seems like it is taking forever, so I updated us to 1.7.9 so that those that don’t know how to change their versions can get on.

Everything seems to be working fine, I did have to turn off ImOnAHorse, it has issues. It seems all the horse plugins just don’t update much. I’ll either have to get the source for ImOnAHorse and modify it or find another horse plugin.

Domain Connections

Sometimes the domain address for DizzyCraft will have resolving issues.

Instead of using try the ip address

If the server is up the ip address is a direct link to it.

Commands Updated

Hey all I went through all the commands today and updated them on the website.

You should check out:

ImOnAHorse Commands – Has links to the crafting recipes for the saddle and horse armors.
Lottery Commands
FrameProtect Commands
MobHunting Commands – Has info on how to look up stats without going to the leaderboards.
Jail Commands – There are a couple new commands.

DizzyCraft 1.7.2 is Live

DizzyCraft is now updated to 1.7.2 and we have removed the whitelist.

DizzyCraft Vanilla Info

Hey guys we are running DizzyCraft in vanilla mode right now, that is without plugins or anything extra. It looks like it could be another month before we get a bukkit out we can use.

I’m going to run this with a whitelist also, we will have no protection for anything or ways to track griefing.

So if you are someone we all know and trust we’ll add you to the list, just post here in this forum thread: